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LUKOIL and ROSATOM Overseas plan a green hydrogen production unit in Romania

Russia’s LUKOIL and Rosatom Overseas agreed to cooperate in the production and supply of green hydrogen for PETROTEL-LUKOIL, a refinery located in Ploesti city, Romania.

The plan is to construct a green hydrogen production unit at the refinery to reduce CO2 emissions in operations and obtain the government’s support for the project at the national and European levels.

“Together with our technological partner, ROSATOM State Corporation, we will evaluate prospects for our plant’s switching to one of the most environmentally-friendly technology […] hydrogen production which enables refineries to greatly reduce their carbon footprint”, declared Rustem Gimaletdinov, Vice President for Oil Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing of LUKOIL.

“In the future, this will allow us to replace all traditionally produced hydrogen, generated by methane steam reforming with green hydrogen [which is] generated via electrolysis in symbiosis with renewable energy sources.”

Evgeny Pakermanov, President of Rosatom Overseas, the corporation that acts as an investor, developer and technological partner in hydrogen projects in Russia and abroad, noted that “we are happy to offer our cooperation in supplying turnkey low-carbon hydrogen to LUKOIL. We are studying possibilities of manufacturing hydrogen at the Romanian refinery by employing electrolysers with the production capacity of 10 thousand cubic metres per hour.”

Green hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise industrial facilities and make a notable contribution to solving the problem of CO2 emissions from industrial operations. It is produced from water, using renewable energy sources.

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