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Linde supports Hungary’s hydrogen ambitions

Linde Gas Hungary signed a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Ministry for Innovation and Technology to expand the hydrogen economy.

Ákos Hegedüs, Managing Director of Linde Gas Hungary said that Linde is about to build green hydrogen production capacities and – in line with the 2030 objectives of Hungary’s National Hydrogen Strategy – establish a refuelling infrastructure for which it will also provide green hydrogen.

“Hydrogen will play a major role in achieving the climate-neutrality goals by 2050 and in enabling Hungary to become independent from current energy sources,” said Mr Hegedüs.

He emphasised that Linde has decades of experience in the production and use of hydrogen and play a leading role in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen worldwide, which provides the basis for launching investments in Hungary as well.

Minister for Innovation and Technology, László Palkovics said that the National Hydrogen Strategy adopted in 2021 is based on the use of hydrogen as a green fuel and for energy storage in the transport sector and the industry.

He noted that an energy crisis has erupted and a war has broken out that will change the energy situation in Europe and the world. According to the Minister, the energy crisis can serve as a motivation for change.

He emphasised the importance of encouraging the industry to take hydrogen seriously. He also highlighted that currently there are six projects in Hungary in a preparatory phase that involves some elements of the hydrogen value chain. The Minister underlined that the energy aspect of hydrogen is very important.

János Süli, Minister without portfolio responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of two new reactors at Paks also highlighted that e-mobility and the hydrogen economy play an important role in the efficient operation of renewable and nuclear energy systems.

He explained that if the two new units with a capacity of 4,400 megawatts (MW) are completed, effective cooperation must be found by transforming the surplus electricity to hydrogen, which can be used as fuel or in the steel industry.

He added that the preconditions of the hydrogen economy are there in Paks: there is electricity, water, and hydrogen can be transported on pipelines or in tank cars. The Minister also pointed out that the European Commission has labelled nuclear energy green, which proved that Hungary is on the right track.

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