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Hungary’s MVM teams up with LINDE GAS to develop clean hydrogen projects

Hungary’s major energy company MVM Group and one of the leading providers of industrial and medical gases in the country, LINDE GAS Hungary signed a strategic agreement to start the joint implementation of clean hydrogen projects in Hungary as soon as possible.

The document defines the directions of clean (green and blue) hydrogen projects and states that the two companies will work closely together in the future to develop and implement pilot hydrogen projects in Hungary and the markets of neighbouring countries sharing knowledge and resources. The governing body has been appointed and a number of working groups are being set up focusing on the main areas of cooperation.

One priority of the partnership is the production of carbon-free hydrogen by electrolysis based on LINDE Group’s technologies and the renewable energy sources of MVM Group. The parties also agreed to work on the greening of the transport sector by setting up hydrogen filling stations for buses, vans, cars and trains supporting green hydrogen mobility.

Sector coupling with the joint development of electricity and gas infrastructure is also included in the agreement highlighting opportunities for the production and storage of green hydrogen and the implementation of seasonal electricity storage. Finally, MVM and LINDE will also work together to decarbonise the industry by significantly reducing CO2 emissions from power plants.

The document was signed by the leaders of the two companies at a symbolic location, Hungary’s first mobile hydrogen filling station, which was handed over at the site of LINDE in Budapest at the end of April.

“LINDE’s nearly 100 years hydrogen technology know-how and experience ensure that we apply the most modern and safest solutions in the production, storage, transportation and use of hydrogen,” said Ákos Hegedüs, CEO of LINDE GAS Hungary pointing out that launching carbon-neutral, green projects is a common goal for all of us.

“We are pleased to participate in this historic process and we are proud to play a key role in the gradual transition to a more sustainable energy economy in partnership with MVM Group, one of the major energy groups in the region,” underlined Mr Hegedüs adding that the expertise and hydrogen technology solutions of LINDE can greatly contribute to the realisation of the Hungarian decarbonisation goals as soon as possible.

“MVM Group is a leader in energy innovation and the development of energy-related technologies and we are proud to be involved in this forward-looking and strategically important work,” added György Kóbor, CEO of MVM Group.

“I am convinced that our knowledge and expertise in carbon-neutral energy production and carbon-free transpor, combined with LINDE Group’s experience in hydrogen technology, translate to strong synergies that guarantee the upscale of clean hydrogen economy in Hungary,” concluded Mr Kóbor.

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