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Hungary’s MEKH and HHTA sign an agreement to develop the national hydrogen sector

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) and the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association (HHTA) concluded an agreement on cooperation for the development of the national hydrogen sector.

”The objective of the cooperation between the regulatory authority and the technology platform is to harmonise the tasks required for the establishment of the Hungarian hydrogen economy as a new national industrial sector and to successfully exploit the economic and sustainability potentials of the technology,” Vice President for International Affairs of MEKH, Pál Ságvári said.

With the objective of decarbonising the EU gas market by using renewable and low carbon gases, including hydrogen, the European Commission adopted a package of legislative proposals in December 2021.

According to the proposal, as of 2030, the national network development plans will be based on a joint scenario related to electricity, gas and hydrogen and align with the national energy and climate plans as well as the ten-year network development plans of the entire EU.

However, the objectives present notable challenges both to regulatory authorities and to infrastructure operators, according to Mr Ságvári.

To promote the development of the hydrogen economy and to ensure Hungary’s active role in launching the European hydrogen technology, Hungary has already published its national hydrogen strategy in the summer of 2021.

“We have current and pressing tasks since hydrogen as an energy source and the technology based on fuel cells as a source of electricity are key areas requiring special attention, playing crucial roles not only in the energy system and mobility of a sustainable future but also in mitigating the rise in European energy prices,” President of the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association István Lepsényi highlighted.

“The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association brings together the domestic representatives, researchers, experts, national and international companies of the sector with the key objectives of promoting the national production of hydrogen, decreasing its costs, developing the storage and distribution solutions and encouraging the use of low carbon hydrogen. The regulatory authority, as a special participant, now joins this work with this agreement,” he added.

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