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Greece to strengthen role of hydrogen in its energy mix

With recent developments calling for an acceleration of the transition to a more sustainable energy future, Greece is strengthening the role of hydrogen in its energy mix.

Speaking at a conference titled Building up the Greek Hydrogen Value Chain, the CEO of the natural gas transmission system operator DESFA, Maria Rita Galli recalled that recently, the essential role of hydrogen pipeline infrastructure in fostering market competition, security of supply and security of demand was recognised in the European Commission’s hydrogen and decarbonised gas package, published in December 2021.

“As a network operator we are fully engaged in being a facilitator and an enabler of the coordinated effort which will allow hydrogen producers to meet demand,” she said. “Today is a day of fruitful conversation and we hope that it will result in more ideas, shared initiatives and a renewed commitment to making – step by step – the Greek Hydrogen Value Chain a reality”

“Hydrogen can play a crucial role in our country’s effort to wean off fossil fuel imports and contribute decisively to the achievement of the European goal of climate neutrality by 2050,” agreed the Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas. “This is no longer a theoretical debate, but a process we are implementing in an organised manner. We accelerate the green transition, attract investments, create new jobs, strengthen competition and upgrade the quality of life of our fellow citizens. Realistic yet ambitious, we will continue the green transformation of our country, aiming for a sustainable future, growth and resilience”.

The Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis noted that Greece has all the advantages to produce green energy which is cheaper than other sources.

“This time we don’t want to be the last ones but to be pioneers,” he said. “There is a will to invest in hydrogen. Despite the fact that we do not yet know how profitable the sector will be, we must take the risk. Greece is present in the investment projects included in the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) – although these are not as many as we would like. It is also worth mentioning that hydrogen can also play an important role in energy storage since batteries are not enough to solve the problem of green energy storage.”

Greece is indeed mentioned as part of one of the hydrogen corridors envisaged by the European Hydrogen Backbone initiative. Greece will be part of Corridor E (East and South-East Europe) together with Romania and Ukraine. The major driver behind the development of this corridor is the adoption of hydrogen associated with the decarbonisation of industry, transport and power across Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, particularly new green steel projects and existing industry along the corridor through Greece, Romania, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

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