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Germany to join H2Med hydrogen pipeline project

Germany will join the hydrogen pipeline project, which will move renewable hydrogen between Portugal, Spain and France according to the Franco-German declaration which marks the 60th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty.

The H2Med pipeline will be the first major hydrogen corridor in the European Union. The capacity of the 2.5 billion euros H2Med pipeline will be 2 million tonnes/year. It is forecast to become operational in 2030.

“Acknowledging the differences of our national energy productions, we will work towards a common understanding and strategy roadmap aiming at the development of a large-scale hydrogen production and build a resilient European hydrogen market based on a robust local production and necessary sustainable imports,” reads the declaration.

In this framework, Germany and France agreed to take the necessary steps on a European backbone for hydrogen transport across Europe, including the necessary national and transnational hydrogen infrastructures and, in particular, the extension and connexion of existing and planned infrastructures, specifically the extension of the H2Med pipeline to Germany.

Germany intends to expand the role of hydrogen to decrease its dependence on coal and accordingly earmarked 7 billion euros in government investments for developing green hydrogen. Imports are due to account for the bulk of the hydrogen demand within the country, therefore Germany’s Hydrogen Strategy also includes a 2 billion euros plan to establish international trade partnerships with countries with more favourable production conditions for green hydrogen.

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