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European Hydrogen Backbone reports accelerated changes in the hydrogen pipelines infrastructure

The European Hydrogen Backbone Initiative developed visionary maps for future hydrogen pipeline infrastructure. According to the latest update, significantly accelerated changes in the pipeline infrastructure of various countries are expected.

In the Czech Republic, an additional pipeline connecting it with Germany has been created. This pipeline aims to connect high-potential hydrogen supply areas in Northern Germany and Baltics with an expected high-demand cluster in South Germany via the Czech Republic. Planned commissioning is subject to valid contractual obligations.

European Hydrogen Backbone
Source: European Hydrogen Backbone.

In Portugal, Spain and France, the infrastructure is moving forward to 2030 with a newly added stretch following the new offshore hydrogen interconnection between the Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe, including storage capacities in South West of France.

In Belgium, the connection between Zeebrugge and Duinkerke has been accelerated from 2040 to 2030.

In Germany, the maps were brought in line both with the recent PCI submissions by German TSOs and the hydrogen projects included in the updated version of the German National Network Development plan 2022-2032.

In Denmark, the connection between Bornholm and Lubmin is set to be a separate pipeline in 2030 and the connection going through Jutland has been moved to the west.

Lastly, in Italy, a new segment is included near Rome and a new segment to Switzerland will be built by 2030.

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