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European Commission gives green light to hydrogen corridor between Ukraine and CEE

The European Commission announced on Tuesday (28 November) that it has approved 166 projects of common interest (PCIs) and projects of mutual interest (PMIs), including the creation of a hydrogen corridor between Ukraine, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria and Germany.

source: Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine

This corridor plays a “significant role” in the context of strengthening Ukraine’s energy security and is “of key importance” for its integration with the European energy network, the Gas Transmission Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) said in a press release.

“In addition, the mentioned project will serve as a powerful driver for the development of hydrogen industry in Ukraine and will facilitate access of Ukrainian-produced hydrogen to the European energy market. All of this will help Ukraine accelerate its transition to the use of green energy sources and synchronise with Europe on the path of economic and political transformations,” the GTSOU further noted in the press release.

The projects were adopted under the revised Trans-European Networks for Energy Regulation (TEN-E) which cuts support for fossil fuel infrastructure with a focus on cross-border infrastructure for green energy. It includes PCIs, which are projects within the EU territory, and for the first time PMIs, which connect the EU with other countries.

Out of the 166 selected PCIs and PMIs, over half (85) are electricity, offshore and smart electricity grid projects, with many expected to be commissioned between 2027 and 2030. For the first time, hydrogen and electrolyser projects (65) are included, which are expected to play a major role in enabling energy system integration and the decarbonisation of the EU industry. The list also includes 14 CO2 network projects in line with the EU’s aim to create a market for carbon capture and storage.

The European Commission expects that the implementation of the supported projects will help double the capacity of the EU’s networks by 2030 and reach the share of energy obtained from renewable sources of 42.5 per cent.

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