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European Clean Hydrogen Alliance announces a pipeline of projects to roll out the hydrogen economy

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance announced a pipeline of projects that European industry is undertaking to roll out the European hydrogen economy on a large scale.

european clean hydrogen alliance
Source: European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Featuring over 750 projects, the pipeline is testimony to the size and dynamism of the European hydrogen industry. Projects range from clean hydrogen production to its use in industry, mobility, energy and buildings. They are located in all 4 corners of Europe. The objective of the project pipeline is to provide an overview of hydrogen projects, to promote the emergence of a European hydrogen industry by enabling networking and match-making, to profile projects and give them visibility including with potential investors. 

“Clean hydrogen plays a key role in the green transition of our European industry,” said Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton. “Our recipe to support large-scale deployment of clean hydrogen technologies by 2030 consists of investment, a supportive regulatory framework and fostering partnership between industry, governments and civil society. Through the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, we have developed a pipeline of innovative, viable investment projects along the hydrogen value chain, which we are publishing today. More than 600 projects are planned to enter operation by 2025. I am confident that these breakthrough innovations will help us to meet our climate change objectives, strengthen our industrial resilience and technological leadership, and contribute to job creation.”

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was set up by the Commission in July 2020, in support of the EU Hydrogen Strategy, with the objective to stimulate the rollout of clean hydrogen production and use in Europe.

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