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Clean Hydrogen Partnership selects 15 regions to further develop their hydrogen projects

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership has selected 15 regions to receive support in the framework of the latest Project Development Assistance (PDA) initiative.

The regions are from a total of ten different countries, including from the Central and Eastern European region and have been selected following a two-stage application and evaluation process. Among them, the Estonian islands and the city of Tartu; the region of Peloponnese, in Greece; Riga, in Latvia; the city of Płock and the Podkarpackie Region in Poland; Cluj-Napoca and the municipality of Galati in Romania; Slovakia’s Košice Self-Governing Region; and the Central Sava Region and Velenje, in Slovenia.

The projects proposed by the regions cover a wide range of hydrogen applications, from hydrogen buses in the cities to ferries that connect island communities as well as industrial applications such as glass manufacturing.

The selected regions will now receive targeted support from dedicated hydrogen consultants, beginning in early 2023. This will allow these regions to further develop their project plans, thus advancing the deployment of fuel cell and hydrogen technology in Europe, particularly in areas that have seen limited hydrogen deployments to date.

The initiative will also deliver a wider impact in other regions beyond the 15 selected, through the planned “Observer Network” activities that will be run throughout 2023.

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