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Bulgartransgaz joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Bulgaria’s natural gas transmission and storage system operator Bulgartransgaz has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

The initiative kicked off last July. It aims at an ambitious deployment of hydrogen technologies by 2030, bringing together renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, demand in industry, mobility and other sectors and hydrogen transmission and distribution. With the alliance, the EU wants to build its global leadership in this domain, to support the EU’s commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

To date, 23 of the 45 European transmission operators ENTSOG members have joined the initiative, including TSOs from Central and Eastern Europe like Latvia’s Conexus Baltic Grid, Greece’s DESFA, Slovakia’s Eustream, Poland’s GAS-SYSTEM, Croatia’s Plinacro and Romania’s TRANSGAZ.

The participation of the Bulgarian gas transmission operator in the initiative will enable cooperation with the other European partners in the process of establishing infrastructure suitable for the transport of hydrogen and low-carbon fuels, as well as for accelerated development of hydrogen technologies and use of hydrogen fuel. 

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