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Bulgaria’s Energy Minister pledges to further develop hydrogen technologies

Bulgaria’s Energy Minister Vladimir Malinov emphasised the importance of hydrogen technologies in the energy sector as reliable affordable and clean energy sources. He made commitments that Bulgaria will continue to develop hydrogen technologies and establish them as affordable, clean energy.

“The energy sector is placed in a new context,” Mr Malinov said. According to him, this transformative phase is driven by the need for environmental protection as well as the volatility of electricity markets and geopolitical challenges such as the war in Ukraine. In this context, developing new green energy sources is exceedingly important. Hydrogen, with its wide range of applications in various industries is a great alternative.

Bulgaria’s gas transmission system operator Bulgartransgaz is working on several different hydrogen projects that will provide new prospects for the Bulgarian energy sector. For instance, Bulgartransgaz and the Greek gas TSO are developing the infrastructure for transporting hydrogen from Greece to Bulgaria, to be extended to Romania in the future. The founding of this project is included in the list of Projects of Common Interest of the European Commission and is expected to receive its funding.

Another important project involves the Chiren underground gas storage facility. The goal of this pilot project is to utilise green hydrogen for the facility’s energy needs. It is a perfect showcase of the versatility and potential of hydrogen in different sectors of the energy industry.

Bulgaria’s approach in promoting hydrogen technologies is an important step towards a sustainable energy future for the country. Thanks to these large projects and international collaboration, hydrogen is expected to play a critical role in the Bulgaria’s transition away from traditional energy sources.

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