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Baltics and Finnish TSOs start R&D study for hydrogen blending

Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania have carried out a joint cross-border public procurement procedure for the preparation of a research and development project regarding hydrogen blending possibilities and the estimation of required retrofitting measures and investments.

The agreement was signed earlier in October with the procurement winner, France’s GRTGaz’s dedicated Research & Innovation Centre for Energy (RICE) which will use a scenario approach with various potential hydrogen concentration levels. The prepared Project Plan shall identify a methodology for defining retrofitting requirements for each scenario and each national system. In addition, the Project Plan shall define principles of estimating required investments per system and hydrogen concentration scenario.

TSOs are responsible for ensuring safe and secure operation and maintenance of the existing infrastructure. To ensure the adaptation of gas networks for blending of methane and hydrogen, TSOs must avoid potential adverse effects of hydrogen injection and potential damage that may occur during usage of the infrastructure. Therefore, timely measures to prevent infrastructure damage and system security threats will be introduced. The Project Plan is expected to be finished by the end of this year.

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