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23 organisations urge the Commission to promote the highest sustainable clean hydrogen standards in EU Taxonomy

Twenty-three signatories joined forces with Brussels-based association SolarPower Europe and the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition calling on the European Commission to promote the highest sustainability standards in the EU Taxonomy for the production of clean hydrogen.

“Renewable hydrogen produced from 100 per cent renewable electricity sources can play a strategic role in decarbonising those sectors of our economy that are hard-to-electrify,” read the letter. “Together with the deployment of renewable energy installations, renewable hydrogen will achieve the last mile to fully decarbonise our economy, stimulate a green recovery and place the renewable hydrogen value chain at the core of Europe’s growth strategy for generations to come.”

In this regard, the EU Taxonomy is a decisive step to streamline future public and private investments towards clean hydrogen production projects and make renewable hydrogen competitive against incumbent alternatives, helping deliver the European Green Deal goals and making Europe a global leader in renewable hydrogen solutions.

“Back in July 2020, the European Hydrogen Strategy clearly acknowledged renewable-based hydrogen as the only clean and future-proof solution,” recalled Aurélie Beauvais, Deputy CEO of SolarPower Europe. “As a highly versatile, affordable and sustainable energy source, the solar sector has immense growth potential in Europe and stands ready to deliver on this ambition.”

In particular, signatories of the letter showed their concerns about the latest proposals to weaken emission thresholds in the EU taxonomy and re-iterated their strongest support for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions threshold for hydrogen production at 2.256 tCO2eq/tH2 and GHG emissions threshold for electricity production of 100 gCO2eq/kWh from gaseous and liquid fuels, initially proposed by the European Commission.

“Recent attempts to weaken the EU Taxonomy standards for clean hydrogen production are deeply concerning,” highlighted Mrs Beauvais. “SolarPower Europe and all signatories urge the European Commission and Member States to show the necessary leadership to ensure a true renewable hydrogen success story.”

While negotiations on the EU Taxonomy are reaching the end, signatories also highlighted the need to show leadership and ambition in this important file, which will shape the future of the European Hydrogen Economy.

“The EU taxonomy is a cornerstone to promote Renewable Hydrogen in the near term: it will help ensure that clean hydrogen production abides by high sustainability standards and will foster a true level playing field between renewable-based and conventional hydrogen solutions,” said Simone Diodato Antonelli, Chairman of SolarPower Europe’s Renewable Hydrogen Workstream. “While the negotiations are reaching a final stage, preserving the initial ambitions of the European Commission’s proposals is absolutely vital to give investors the right signal.”

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