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Polish Geothermal Congress to take place next week in Kraków

Are you interested in geothermal energy? You are invited to participate in the largest gathering of experts in the geothermal industry in Poland, taking place from 29 November to 1 December 2023 in Krakow!

Deep beneath the Earth, directly beneath our feet, substantial reserves of thermal energy are amassed. Geothermal energy enables the production of clean thermal and electrical energy without generating any waste. Even after the cessation of operation of a geothermal power plant, its components are dismantled and repurposed in the creation of installations elsewhere. Geothermal resources have been harnessed in Poland since the 1990s, with the epicentre of geothermal energy in Poland situated in Podhale.

Despite its numerous advantages, geothermal energy constitutes a modest share of the country’s energy portfolio. What can be done to alter this situation? There are various actions that can be undertaken. Among the pivotal ones is the necessity to provide investors with more extensive financial and substantive support, as well as heightening public awareness regarding geothermal energy. The former is facilitated by funding programmes, implemented, for instance, by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, while the latter two can be addressed by the VIII Geothermal Congress.

Come along to the VIII Geothermal Congress!

The VIII National Geothermal Congress is slated to occur from 29 November to 1 December 2023 at the Metropolo by Golden Tulip Hotel, situated at 11 Orzechowa Street in Krakow. This event stands as the foremost occasion in Poland related to geothermal energy. The gathering brings together professionals, scientists, engineers, industry representatives and geothermal enthusiasts who have the chance to share knowledge, experience, and the latest advancements in this domain.

Crucial topics for the scientific and business world

Throughout the congress sessions, experiences, updates and development plans pertaining to geothermal energy in Poland and worldwide will be presented. Plenary sessions featuring representatives from ministries and government institutions engaged in geothermal energy, sessions with international speakers, technical sessions with the participation of companies from the geothermal industry, poster sessions, panel discussions, exhibitions of industry companies, and a press conference are all on the agenda. Awards will also be conferred for the best poster and presentation.

At the VIII Geothermal Congress, you’ll gain insights into the status of geothermal energy globally, in Europe and in Poland, within the context of Poland’s energy policy and the European Union, as well as legal and economic aspects. There’ll be an opportunity to understand financial support for geothermal energy and the outcomes of previous initiatives. Successes, challenges and prospects for the development of geothermal energy in our country will be thoroughly discussed.

Resources and conditions for the occurrence of water and geothermal energy in Poland, as well as the experiences and selected aspects of the work of geothermal companies in Poland, will also be pivotal topics. Experts will delve into geothermal spas and recreational centres, the market for geothermal heat pumps, underground storage of heat and cold. No essential topic for geothermal energy will be overlooked during the meeting. You must be there!

How to register?

Those interested in participating in the Congress are urged to complete the Registration Form on the event’s website.

Why participate in the VIII National Geothermal Congress?

The topics addressed during the Congress will cover deep and shallow geothermal energy resources, methods of their exploration, exploitation, development, optimal management, as well as the financing of geothermal projects. If you have an interest in geothermal energy and wish to learn more and listen to industry experts and active participants in this market in Poland – this meeting is tailor-made for you!

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