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Ukraine Energy Support Fund: Zelensky signs tax exemption laws, as Ukrainian businesses urged to increase engagement

Last week, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, signed the Law on amending the Customs Code and the Law on amending the Tax Code of Ukraine in order to encourage donation efforts and help rebuild the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, the Secretariat of the Energy Community announced.  

Following the Laws’ entry into force, donations of emergency energy equipment, materials and other items arriving in Ukraine under the umbrella of the Energy Community will be exempt from VAT and other taxes.

The legal changes were initiated particularly to cover the equipment procured under the Ukraine Energy Support Fund.

Energy Ministry urges Ukrainian manufacturers to increase engagement in the Energy Support Fund

Separately, Deputy Minister of Energy for European Integration, Yaroslav Demchenkov, urged Ukrainian businesses to participate in tenders for the supply of equipment within the framework of the Energy Support Fund, during last week’s Presidium of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine meeting.

Minister Demchenkov said: “The situation is difficult, but controlled despite the aggressor’s attempt to stop the work of the energy sector of our country. As a result of mass rocket attacks, the system of generation, supply and distribution of electric energy was damaged. Our strategic goal is to return a comfortable life to Ukrainians by restoring a stable electricity supply. But at least, under such difficult conditions, it is necessary to ensure certain stability and predictability for people, returning to planned shutdowns and ensuring the livelihood of citizens and the country’s economy.”

The Deputy Minister emphasised the critical need for energy equipment and called on members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and representatives of Ukrainian businesses to participate in tenders for the purchase of such equipment. 

Yaroslav Demchenkov also said that the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, which was set up by the Energy Community Secretariat in April 2022, has already accumulated 155 million euros and continues to grow. 

Minister Demchenkov emphasised: “The procurement of equipment and equipment for energy companies of Ukraine is already being carried out, in accordance with their needs and lists approved by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. Currently, the only purchasing organization within the Fund is the Energy Security Project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We invite Ukrainian companies that are manufacturers or suppliers of energy equipment to participate in procurement, to provide information about the potential of the company, so that the procurement organisation can purchase equipment as soon as possible. This will simplify procurement and the search for suppliers.”

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