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Ukraine Energy Support Fund completes onsite verification process in OdesaGas

The Energy Community Secretariat has concluded an on-site verification process at Ukrainian gas transmission company OdesaGas, “affirming the integrity and functionality” of procured goods and services by the Ukraine Energy Support Fund.

This verification, which finished on Friday (1 September), included the installation and operational status of gas generators within the main administrative building, assessment of functionality of donated radio stations and validation of appropriate fuel consumption. 

“The verified assets play a pivotal role in improving services in the Odesa city and region, ensuring stable gas supply, and enhancing the well-being of its citizens. It enables maintaining essential operations such as dispatch coordination and consumer communication during prolonged power disruptions, enhancing communication capabilities, elevating the efficiency of maintenance efforts and ensure uninterrupted day-to-day activities, reinforcing a stable energy supply across the Odesa region,” the Energy Community Secretariat said in a press release.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund facilitates financial support for repairing Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks. It is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat with contributions from governments, international organisations, and corporate donors.  

OdesaGas serves around 630,000 consumers, with a distribution network of 10,500 kilometres and approximately 1.1 billion cubic metres of natural gas transmission per year.

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