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Slovenia to provide emergency cost-of-living aid in face of surging energy prices

The Slovenian parliament adopted an emergency cost-of-living aid to the most vulnerable population groups and to businesses hit hard by high gas and electricity prices.

As part of a 41 million euros package for the most vulnerable groups, some 63,000 households with 103,000 individuals plus 7,400 disabled will be eligible for one-off aid of 200 euros.

The first allowance payments will be made in November. “The goal is to prevent a slide into poverty and the worst hardships of the inhabitants in the coming winter,” State Secretary Dan Juvan emphasised. The government says this was just one in a series of measures to mitigate the cost-of-living crisis.

The second aid package, worth 40 million euros, is for companies that need help paying higher electricity and gas costs, with 20 million euros available this year and 20 million euros next year, writes Slovenian media. Depending on the type of aid, the state will finance 30 per cent or 70 per cent of the energy costs of the eligible companies.

Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob has said next year up to one billion euros in aid will be needed due to the ongoing war, inflation, and the energy crisis. “Next year the cost-of-living crisis will impact the whole economy, and if this year 40 million euros was needed, it could be necessary to provide one billion euros next year,” said the Slovenian Prime Minister.

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