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Slovenia asks to modify its RRP to include REPowerEU objectives

Slovenia has submitted a request to the Commission to modify its recovery and resilience plan in order to add REPowerEU chapters.

Slovenia’s proposed modification of the plan includes two reforms and four investments to deliver on the REPowerEU objectives. The reforms aim to facilitate the deployment of renewable energy, shortening permitting procedures and promoting sustainable mobility.

The investments aim at accelerating the decarbonisation of Slovenia’s industry, strengthening its national energy distribution network, and giving a boost to sustainable mobility, in both the public and private sectors. Slovenia is also proposing to remove some investments from its plan, such as the originally foreseen flood protection measures. More time is needed to ensure that they are in line with environmental standards. Therefore, Slovenia will be financing them with national funds while implementing them according to a different timeline.

Slovenia’s request to modify its plan is based on the need to factor in the very high inflation experienced in 2022, as well as the impossibility of delivering certain measures within the originally envisaged timeline due to objective circumstances. The request also reflects the downward revision of Slovenia’s maximum RRF grant allocation, from 1.8 billion euros to 1.5 billion euros.

Slovenia has also requested to reduce the amount of loans financing its plan, from 0.7 billion euros to 0.55 billion euros, to reflect the removal of certain investments originally included in the plan.

In addition, Slovenia has requested to transfer the totality of its share of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR), amounting to 5 million euros, to its recovery and resilience plan. These funds, added to Slovenia’s REPowerEU grants allocation (116 million euros) make the submitted overall modified plan worth 2.16 billion euros.

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