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Romania’s E-Distributie allocates 100 mln euros to modernise its electricity networks

E-Distributie, Romanian electricity distributor and part of the Italian power group Enel will invest 483 million lei (approximately 100 million euros) to modernise the electricity network in Bucharest and across Romania.

“Every year, E-Distributie makes significant investments in the modernisation of its electricity networks in Romania,” said Gino Celentano, E-Distributie’s General Manager.

“Our priority remains digitalisation, to pave the way for the energy transition,” Mr Celentano continued adding that the modernisation programmes carried out by E-Distributie have a direct impact on the network’s ability to provide energy to new consumers and to improve the management of unplanned power disruptions.

The electricity grids managed by the three E-Distribuție companies (E-Distribuţie Muntenia, E-Distribuţie Dobrogea and E-Distribuţie Banat) comprise of 286 transformer substations and more than 23,000 transformer posts. The companies distribute around 15 terawatt hour (TWh) of electricity every year, through more than 128,000 kilometres of high, medium and low voltage power lines.

According to the company’s press statement, E-Distribuţie Muntenia has planned to invest around 229 million lei (47 million euros) in the modernisation of the electricity grid, while E-Distributie Dobrogea and E-Distribuţie Banat allocated 117 million lei (24 million euros) and 127 million lei (26 million euros) respectively in the modernisation of their electricity grid.

This year the three companies will invest over 56 million lei (11.6 million euros) in total in the installation of over 170,000 smart meters.

Throughout 2015-2019 E-Distributie has invested more than 2 billion lei (more than 400 million euros) in Romania, the company informs.

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