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Romania to keep capping-compensation scheme for energy bills

Romania’s Energy Minister Sebastian Burduja held a meeting on Monday (30 October) with representatives of electricity and gas supply companies, as well as banking institutions involved in energy supply to discuss the country’s capping-compensation scheme for energy bills.

“Since the beginning of my mandate, I have undertaken to do everything necessary to be able to keep a fair price for electricity and gas for Romanians and Romanian companies,” the minister said. “The solutions have included the promotion of OG 30/2023 through which the Ministry of Energy made payments of over three billion lei to pay off debts to suppliers. Last week, together with the Minister of Finance Marcel Boloș, we found a solution to make payments both from the Transition Fund and other legally constituted sources, representing the commitment of the Romanian government to support the national energy system through all possible means.”

Through Monday’s working meeting, the Ministry of Energy is facilitating a partnership framework between supply companies and financial banking institutions to facilitate access to financing at the lowest possible cost, said Minister Burduja. “We are discussing a factoring product, based on tripartite agreements. Innovative solutions like these are needed to ensure the optimal functioning of the entire Romanian energy sector.”

In a press release, Romania’s Ministry of Energy said that it supports the maintenance of the capping-compensation schemes.

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