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Polish PGE Energia Ciepła and KOGENERACJA to co-finance construction of two CHP plants

Polish PGE Energia Ciepła and the Wrocław Combined Heat and Power Plant Group KOGENERACJA will co-finance the construction of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants in Siechnice and Zgierz. The undertaking will receive 352 million Polish złoty (around 76 million Euros) from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW).

Both projects are designed to move away from coal fuel in the heat generation process at PGE locations.

“Quite often, the heating sector is referred to as a forgotten asset of the energy transition, which is why this sector will be dynamically modernised in the nearest future. In order to meet the goal of climate neutrality by 2050, heat production must also be adapted to the challenges of the transition”, noted the Minister for Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa.

“[…] System heating emits significantly less air pollution than individual sources. Thus, by preferring this type of heat source it is possible to reduce the emission of harmful particulates into the atmosphere”, Ms Moskwa added.

A total departure from coal is first planned in Zgierz and other plants while a significant shift is expected in CHP plants in Siechnice, Bydgoszcz, Gdynia and Gdańsk. To produce heat in these new and modernised heat units, gas, municipal waste, biomass and renewable energy will be used.

“Poland has one of the best-developed heating networks in Europe – it is a great value, but also a challenge. The sector faces the necessity of pro-ecological changes and huge investments. In order to meet environmental standards while maintaining cost-effectiveness, district heating must modernise at a rapid pace”, emphasised Maciej Chorowski, President of the NFOŚiGW.

“One of the priorities of the Strategy of the PGE Group is the decarbonisation of the heat sector. We are consistently implementing investment projects aimed at changing coal fuel into gas fuel”, he noted in addition.

The new Czechnica CHP Plant will replace the existing coal-fired CHP plant in Siechnice in 2024. The second, Zgierz CHP Plant will be a gas-fueled cogeneration system with electricity generators and a peak load boiler supported by a RES installation.

Photo source: Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland

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