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Polish Parliament adopts electricity price freeze as part of ‘Solidarity Shield’ programme

The Sejm, Poland’s lower legislative chamber, adopted an act that will freeze electricity prices for households in 2023 as part of the government’s Solidarity Shield which outlined a set of support measures amid the energy crisis.

The newly approved legislation puts a cap on electricity bills up to 2,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). A higher limit of up to 2,600 kWh will apply to people with disabilities and a maximum limit of up to 3,000 kWh will apply to families with three or more children and farmers. A special electrical allowance will also be introduced for households that use electricity for heating, including heat pumps.

“Guaranteeing our citizens peace and certainty that they will not be affected by drastic increases in electricity prices was our priority from the very beginning. Therefore, next year electricity prices will be frozen at this year’s level, up to certain limits of annual consumption,” emphasised Poland’s Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa.

The surplus above the limit(s) (for example, 2,000, 2,600 or 3,000 kWh) will be billed in accordance with the tariff set for 2023.

Almost 17 million households are expected to benefit from the electricity price freeze in 2023, which will approximately cost around 23 billion złotych (4,7 million euros).

Households that use electricity for heating, including heat pumps, will be offered a special electric allowance of up to 1,500 złotych (300 euros). The amount of the allowance will be 1,000 złotych (200 euros), however, in the case of annual electricity consumption over 5 megawatt-hours (MWh), it will be increased to 1,500 złotych. The condition for receiving the allowance will be an entry or notification of the heating source to the Central Register of Emissivity of Buildings.

In addition, households that consume no more than 90 per cent of the energy in 2023, in comparison to their consumption in 2022, will receive a special discount of 10 per cent of the total cost of electricity consumed in 2023.

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