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PGNiG secures Energy Management System certification

Polish Oil and Gas Company PGNiG has secured a certificate confirming its Energy Management System (EMS) has been implemented in compliance with the PN-EN ISO 50001:2012 standard, which helps companies to set up such policies and goals taking into account the legislative requirements, as well as the information related to the essential energetic aspects.

Effectively applied, the Energy Management System will contribute to enhancing energy performance by lowering energy costs and reducing the environmental footprint.

“Obtaining ISO certification for the Energy Management System was not just a statutory obligation,” said Jerzy Kwieciński, President of the PGNIG Management Board. “Smart energy management along the entire hydrocarbon production process is essential from the perspective of the Company’s finances as well as the natural resources that we use. We have obtained assurance that our energy management process is a controlled one. The certificate also recognises the work of our head office and local branch employees who developed and implemented the Energy Management System across the organisation.”

During the certification audits, the company’s staff had the opportunity to demonstrate the practical application and operation of the documented EMS procedures in the energy planning process, they conducted energy reviews and defined energy performance indicators, objectives and tasks. These efforts helped to evaluate the progress of the system implementation.

Having obtained ISO certification for its Energy Management System, PGNiG is now exempt from the requirement to perform energy audits every four years. Also, projects implemented in order to maintain the EMS will contribute to improving energy efficiency, which is another element of PGNiG’s efforts to ensure compliance with its statutory obligations as a natural gas and electricity supplier.

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