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Latvia: EU funds for modernisation of electricity network infrastructure approved

Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers has approved a new 80-million-euro support program, part of the country’s EU Recovery and Resilience plan, for the modernisation of electricity transmission and distribution networks, as well as investments in the network infrastructure.

The new infrastructure investments will strengthen connectivity to populated areas and create new publicly available electric vehicle (EV) charging points and micro-generation facilities.

The aim of the program is to promote the integration and use of renewable energy resources in common power grids, the provision of operational safety and flexibility solutions for power grids, as well as the creation of appropriate infrastructure for the connection of electric vehicles and distributed generation.

The recipients of the program will include the electricity distribution operator, Sadales tīkls and the transmission system operator, Augstsprieguma tīkls (AST).

AST is expected to build and improve dispatch and secure data centres, implement the necessary information technology infrastructure for improving the cyber security of the information system, as well as develop the digitalisation of network management, ensuring the planning and management of work modes of renewable energy producers.

Whilst Sadales tīkls plans to develop and implement the national electricity market data exchange, storage platform and automated smart accounting system, as well as implement the modernisation of the network. In addition, the operator plans to increase the electricity capacity of populated areas, which currently have a shortage of free power for new connections. Lastly, it plans to create more than 2000 public distribution system connections for affordable electric vehicle charging facilities and micro-generation facilities with solar panels.

Following the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Mechanism Plan, the above projects are expected to be implemented by 2026.

As stated in the press release, the Latvian Recovery Fund plan has been prepared in accordance with the Latvian National Development Plan 2021-2027, taking into account the recommendations of the European Commission and the Council of the EU on the stable and successful growth of Latvia.

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