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Innogy signs an agreement with Czech Ministry of Industry to introduce new energy-saving measures

Czech energy group innogy has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to improve the country’s energy efficiency and introduce energy-saving measures.

Thus, the Czech Republic is aligning with the European Directive that obliges countries to save 0.8 per cent of their yearly energy consumption between 2021 and 2030.

“I am very pleased that another company is concluding a voluntary agreement on energy efficiency,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport Karel Havlíček. ”We are moving in the right direction. The involvement of other companies should lead to a reduction of final energy consumption and related costs.”

“The key thing to achieve energy savings is the cooperation of the State with other entities, not only in the field of energy but also in industry,” added Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade for Energy René Neděla.

Tomáš Varcop, Chairman of the Board of Innogy Czech Republic explained that with the so-called Save Energy project, innogy has helped to start a social debate in the Czech Republic about energy savings in Czech households and the agreement with the State now takes these activities even further. 

“Together, we want to prevent unnecessary waste of energy in companies and firms, help them with the transition to more energy-efficient technologies and contribute to reducing emissions,” he said.

“Currently, the most popular energy-saving projects include the replacement of industrial lighting, the replacement of transformer stations, the reconstruction of boiler rooms, the modernisation of air conditioning and the replacement of old compressor plants,” highlighted Jindřich Švec, innogy’s director for the B2B segment.

Interest is also growing in the installation of photovoltaics on the roofs. In this regard, a 350 kilowatts peak (kWp) power plant has already been built by innogy in Bruntál for industrial Czech group Karla. The power plant will produce 357 megawatts-hour (MWh) of electricity per year, which means an annual saving of more than 600,000 crowns (23,000 euros) for Karla at current electricity prices. The PV plant will also significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint as producing green electricity from the sun will save 418 tons of CO2 per year. 

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