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Implementation of energy transformation requires adequate financing, Minister says

Poland’s effective implementation of the green transition requires adequate financing and the development of new technologies must be profitable, said Polish Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa at an international conference on Friday (29 September).

As she also pointed out, stable production of clean energy is a necessity for the central-eastern part of the EU, which includes Poland. For Poland and other pro-nuclear countries, nuclear energy is the most stable source of clean energy.

“Providing citizens with cheap, stable and clean energy requires increased investment effort and rational policy, both in the field of a just energy transition and in the field of traditional fuels, on which our security, competitiveness and ability to meet our basic needs and social expectations will depend in the transition period,” said Minister Moskwa.

According to the minister, nuclear energy investments are strategically important for Poland’s energy security. Therefore, the priority in international activities should be to recognise nuclear energy as a clean and zero-emission energy source, which for Poland is an important factor in strengthening the competitiveness of this sector, she noted.

“Although the Polish Nuclear Energy Program focuses on the construction of large-scale reactors in Poland, we are closely monitoring the development of SMR [small modular reactor] technology. We see synergy and complementarity between these two technologies and we support Polish companies interested in implementing SMR,” Minister Moskwa added. 

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