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EU Modernisation Fund to cover 80% of distribution networks restoration in southeastern Romania

Romanian electric utility company E-Distribution (E-Distribuție) and Romanian Energy Ministry have signed two non-refundable contracts for the restoration of distribution networks in southeastern Romania, financed predominantly through the EU’s Modernisation Fund.

The contracts, signed on 30 August, set out plans to modernise the power distribution networks, reduce losses in the network and increase the safety conditions and continuity of the distribution service in Dascălu, Petrăchioaia, Ștefănești and Smokers from the Ilfov county (south-east Romania).

“From the first days of my mandate, I said that investments are my absolute priority. Strengthening the national energy system through the distribution network is also a priority and it is essential to develop as much as possible green energy production capacities, from wind farms to solar energy. We can only do this through continuous investment, through the acceleration of the Modernisation Fund and the absorption of European funds. We are all working at full capacity so that these projects take shape as quickly as possible,” said Sebastian Burduja, Romania’s Energy Minister.

As part of the project, the medium voltage circuits will be resized and reconfigured, while the transformer substations will be modernised from aerial to concrete casing, with new transformer substations integrated into the remote control system.

The investment is valued at over 122 million lei (around 25 million euros) of which 80 per cent is financed by the Modernisation Fund.

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