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DTEK creates hub in London to attract investment in new energy projects in Ukraine

Ukraine’s biggest energy private investor DTEK is amplifying its presence in London. As outlined in the company’s corporate strategy, DTEK plans to expand existing and invest in new Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects in European energy markets. Additionally, the company seeks to create an ecosystem to attract investments and innovative technologies in new Ukrainian energy projects.

DTEK’s new office will be located in the business centre of the City of London and will operate as an investment hub, open to investors with interests in Ukraine. Ukrainian entrepreneurs who believe in the potential of the Ukrainian energy sector and the broader economy will also be at the centre of activities.

“We created a hub to attract investment in new energy projects in Ukraine,” said DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko. “This primarily concerns renewable energy sources, energy storage systems and hydrogen energy projects. In addition to increasing gas production and improving the country’s grids, these areas have been identified as the priority in our strategy presented in December 2020.”

DTEK has had a corporate presence in the UK since 2013. For the past three years, it has had an international capital markets team in London that managed investor relations and, in 2019, successfully arranged the issuance of a green bond to finance DTEK’s growth in renewable energy generation in Ukraine.

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