Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Bulgaria to temporarily shift efforts from the EU Green Deal to the economic recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic is posing a number of challenges, especially for the energy sector. That’s what emerged during a meeting between Bulgaria’s minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova (pictured above) and the leaders of the two biggest trade unions in the country, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria, led by Plamen Dimitrov and the Podkrepa Confederation of Labor, headed by Dimitar Manolov.

Minister Petkova reminded how coal-fired power plants are the main supplier of electricity and their normal functioning is crucial for the stability of the electricity system. In particular, she emphasised the role of the Maritsa Iztok complex, which consists of three lignite-fired thermal power stations, the largest in South-Eastern Europe.

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus and following the unveiling of the European Green Deal, Bulgaria was planning long-term strategies to comply with EU rules and become a low-carbon economy. Now, Mrs Petkova said that there is a need to temporarily redirect those efforts to the economic recovery.

Therefore, coal will retain a major role in the country’s energy mix until 2030, which will be followed by a transition period based on natural gas and biomass.

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