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EIB helps to strengthen Czech water management services

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending around 300 million euros to finance a vast set of measures put in place by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture to strengthen the country’s water management services, including flood protection and storm management.

“The EU climate bank is taking action to preserve natural resources and protect the environment for future generations,” commented EIB Vice-President Lilyana Pavlova. “Thanks to these measures, the EU bank will help to improve living conditions for some 110,000 people in the Czech Republic, where approximately 25 per cent of the population live in flood-prone zones facing disastrous floods on average every 10-15 years.”

Other than significant benefits for the people of the Czech Republic, the project will increase wastewater collection and treatment for a total of 39,000 people and create an additional 2 million cubic metres of stormwater storage capacity.

“This is a programme with a strong climate action focus, which will allow for the provision of better water services and help the country to meet its commitments stemming from national and EU environmental legislation,” continued Mrs Pavlova.

One of the projects involves the construction of a 1.6 kilometre-long water line, one well drill and a reservoir of 40 cubic metres with water treatment technology. Upon completion, a high-quality drinking water supply will be provided to local residents. Furthermore, the Ministry plans the construction of a municipal pond in Chotěšice, in Central Bohemia, that will improve the local water regime, stabilise the level of local groundwater and strengthen local eco-stabilisation functions.

“We are facing a turbulent period of climate change, which we perceive – from the point of view of the Czech Republic – above all as a considerable decrease in water resources,” stated Czech Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman. “As part of the measures under construction, our priority is to ensure a stable supply of drinking water for the citizens of the Czech Republic and to build new and repair existing ponds in municipalities. However, we must not forget the opposite extreme and protect the population from floods. EIB funding will help us implement many important measures to combat climate change in the coming years.”

Photo: EIB

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