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Ursula von der Leyen welcomed energy-saving measures in EU member states

The President of the European Commission welcomed the energy-saving measures implemented by several EU member states to make savings ahead of winter. In July, EU member states reached a political agreement on a voluntary reduction of natural gas demand by 15 per cent this winter to prepare for possible disruptions of gas supplies from Russia.

“Lowering the heating temperature at home by just 1°C can save around 7 per cent in energy use over a year, wrote Ursula von der Leyen on Twitter. “I’m encouraged to see that several EU Member States are introducing measures to optimise heating. This will help us meet our joint target of 15 per cent together.”

Across the EU smart ways to save energy are being introduced. The Spanish government has just passed a decree that makes it illegal in lots of public places to set the air-conditioning below 27 °C. and Ms Von der Leyen wrote that Slovenia and the Czech Republic also introduced similar measures in their plans.

“Slightly higher temperatures for air conditioning bring impressive results. Together, we save energy for a safe winter,” wrote the President of the Commission adding that the electricity saved per year by setting the air conditioning 1°C warmer across the EU service sector would equal 9.2 Twh, more than the annual energy consumption of Malta.

The European Commission is also taking some measures to reduce its energy consumption under its Greening Strategy including switching off heating and cooling in most buildings one hour earlier, saving 3 per cent of its annual energy use. They will also close some buildings for the summer and facilitate remote working and upgrade the insulation and lighting system.

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