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‘Not easy’: EU Ministers agree on key areas to mitigate energy prices

Energy Ministers from the EU’s 27 Member States agreed on four key areas in which they expect the European Commission to propose concrete solutions. These include first, capping the revenues of electricity producers with low production costs; second, a possible price cap on gas; third, measures for a coordinated electricity demand reduction across the EU; and finally, measures that would help to solve the issue of decreased liquidity.

The decision was made during an Extraordinary Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting in the Council of the European Union.

“It was not an easy discussion and definitely not the last one we are having,” said the meeting’s Chair, Jozej Sikela, Czech Minister of Industry and Trade.

Ministers urged a “swift action” and the Czech-led presidency expressed its determination to handle the forthcoming legislative proposals from the Commission in an expedited manner.

It is expected that the EU’s executive body will present concrete” proposals “within days” and conclude the legislative process by the end of September.

This latest ministerial discussion was based on a presidency note highlighting several options for short-term actions what could bring relief to the energy situation. The Commission also presented non-papers to delegations providing a preliminary assessment of options for emergency measures to tackle the exacerbating energy crisis.

Voices from Warsaw

In a tweet after the meeting, Poland’s Climate and Environment Minister, Anna Moskwa, wrote: “I presented proposals for solutions that would alleviate the effects of the crisis caused by Putin and would lower energy prices.”

“We also expressed our firm opposition to the idea of compulsory reductions in energy consumption introduced at the EU level,” the Minister added.

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