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EU Commission calls on CEE Member States to comply with energy obligations

In its regular package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against Member States for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law.

Regarding energy-related matters, the Commission is also calling on CEE countries, namely Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia to comply with their obligations as regards energy-efficient buildings.

The Commission sent letters of formal notice to these countries to remind them of their obligations regarding the communication to the Commission of their third cost-optimal report under EU rules on the energy performance of buildings. Member States have to set minimum energy performance requirements for buildings to achieve the best combination between investments and savings, also known as ‘cost-optimal levels’. Calculating the cost-optimal levels is key for Member States to fully exploit the energy efficiency and renewable energy potential of the national buildings stock and to avoid people and businesses spending more money than necessary on efficiency improvements to their housing and offices.

The notified Member States now have two months to respond and address the shortcomings raised by the Commission.

A reasoned opinion was sent to Croatia, which was urged by the Commission to fully transpose the Renewable Energy Directive. The Directive sets an EU-level binding target for 2030 of at least 32 per cent of energy from renewable sources in the Union’s gross final consumption of energy, as well as specific targets for the heating, cooling and transport sectors. The Directive also facilitates the participation of citizens in the clean energy transition. The deadline to transpose the Directive into national law was 30 June 2021. Yet, still today, the transposition of the Directive is not complete. Croatia now has two months to respond and take the necessary measures. Otherwise, the Commission may decide to refer the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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