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Digitalising energy system: European Commission consults public

The European Commission has opened doors to the public to enable participation in the preparation of the Action Plan on the Digitalisation of the energy system. The initiative aims at promoting flexible energy generation, consumption and use of renewables in the European Union.

According to the Commission’s press statement, the Action Plan builds on the dual goal of Europe’s green and digital transition as envisioned in the Europe Fit for the Digital Age strategy and the emissions reduction targets as laid out in the European Green Deal.

The EU strategy on energy system integration, emphasises that the twin transition process “calls for a better-functioning, smart, integrated and cleaner energy system, while guaranteeing affordable energy and a fair transition for all”.

The Action Plan is supposed to “help develop a competitive market for digital energy services and digital energy infrastructure that are cyber-secure, efficient and sustainable”, suggests the Commission’s designated portal. It should also foster “energy system integration, participation of prosumers in the energy transition and ensure interoperability of energy data, platforms and services”.

The digital transformation of the European Union’s energy system is likely to bring multiple benefits but with them, risks and challenges too. Among some of its concerns are issues related to mixing legacy technologies with new and smart ones and addressing cybersecurity threats that might affect the essential social services of the energy supply.

The public consultation which targets all stakeholders, consumer groups, research institutions and interested individuals is scheduled to run until 24 January 2022 and offer consultation opportunities in twenty-three languages by November 2021. The consultations focus on current examples of the digitalisation of energy in everyday life, consumer empowerment, citizen engagement in the energy transition and more broadly, specific aspects of digitalising the energy system in the European Union. 

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