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When principles turn into actions: joint community action for environmental protection in Hungary

One-hundred and forty-one bushes and 70 trees planted by more than 100 volunteers at 9 educational institutions. That is the end result of the World Environment Day campaign aiming to make greener the gardens of local primary schools and kindergartens in Százhalombatta, Hungary.

The media and the public discourse increasingly address the fact that environmental protection and a sustainable future can only be achieved if individuals living side by side combine their efforts and act jointly. That is exactly what happened on June 5, the World Environment Day, when volunteers from the Dunamenti Power Plant (a member of energy group MET), members of the Hulladékkommandó Társadalmi Járőrszolgálat (Waste Commando Social Patrol Service), parents and tutors representing local educational institutions and members of the local pensioner club spent their free time planting a total of 70 trees and 141 bushes at 9 educational institutions all over the town.

“The next decade could be a turning point regarding the long-term survival of companies and industries,” said Péter Horváth, CEO of the Dunamenti Power Plant. “Especially large organisations might find it difficult to adapt to new circumstances such as sustainability requirements. With the emergence of unprecedented challenges, planning, cooperation and adaptation must hit extraordinary levels too. Sustainability is a driving force behind our business thinking, both in terms of our operations and the way we shape our direct environment. That is why it is important for us to join our forces with our neighbours, with the people who live here.”

“Planting trees together is not just a pleasant activity enabling us to do something for our environment,” added Mónika Tápai, co-founder and President of Hulladékkommandó Társadalmi Járőrszolgálat. “It is much more than that: it makes green mindset tangible and it highlights how important it is to care about the world around us. It is great to see that more and more of us are considering sustainability as an actual lifestyle.”

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