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Let’s clean Bulgaria together: over 2,800 tons of waste collected

Over 2,800 tons of waste were collected during the initiative Let’s clean Bulgaria together, organised bybTV in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Water. In total, 194 municipalities and tens of thousands of volunteers participated in the large-scale event.

Source:Ministry of Environment and Water.

According to the data, the largest amount was collected on the territory of Sofia and amounted to 669.47 tons, followed by Burgas with 294,325 tons. Then, 266.1 tons of waste were collected on the territory of Plovdiv and 262.4 tons on the territory of Pleven.

While Bulgaria is committed to transitioning to a circular economy, an important milestone was represented by the adoption of the National Waste Management Plan 2021-2028, which plays a key role in achieving resource-efficient and sustainable waste management. As part of the campaign, the municipalities were exempted from the deductions and guarantees due under the Waste Management Act for the amounts of deposited waste collected during the initiative.

According to the International Trade Administration, despite municipal waste generation in Bulgaria increasing slightly in 2022, it still remained below the EU average. However, against any hope, it was also observed that there was an increase in the usage of landfills and a decrease in recycling.

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