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Czech hospital launches major energy-saving project

The Thomayer University Hospital in Prague launched a major energy-saving project as part of its modernisation that will cut back the facility’s gas and electricity consumption by 30 per cent at least and save 2,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The project is being implemented via the energy performance contracting (EPC), a low-risk method of financing and delivering energy efficiency improvements. In EPC projects, all project risks are borne by the contractor and if the achieved savings do not meet the predetermined model, the contractor pays the difference.

“We are the first university hospital in the Czech Republic that has decided to use the EPC format, where the supplier directly guarantees savings in the contract,” said hospital director Doc. MUDr. Zdeněk Beneš, CSc. We are delighted that part of the costs will be quickly recovered from the energy savings we have made. At the same time, we will save a significant volume of gas and thus support the energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic.”

Over 5 years, the project will save 18 GWh of natural gas and 10 GWh of electricity. A clear environmental benefit is an annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 2,517 tonnes, the same amount produced by a conventional 100 MW power unit in 1 day of operation.

“At a time of rising energy prices and increased importance of energy security, betting on energy-saving EPC projects is the best solution,” said Daniel Beneš, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČEZ, a member of the consortium implementing the EPC.

“We guarantee savings of at least 35.5 million Czech Koruna (1.4 million euros) for the hospital in the first five years, but in reality, according to our experience from previous projects, the customer almost always saves even more,” added the CEO of ČEZ.

“Similar energy-saving projects with the ČEZ ESCO label and financed via the EPC method are already operating successfully at 18 hospitals and healthcare facilities,” said Kamil Čermák, the CEO of ČEZ ESCO. “We help to reduce electricity, gas, heat, and water expenses and thus contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. We have installed combined heat and power boiler (CHP) units in a number of other hospitals or are helping them to operate their energy management.

The investment will total almost 365 million Czech Koruna (14.7 million euros), 45 per cent of this will be covered by EU subsidy, 50 per cent by the state budget and the rest by the hospital. The modernisation will take place together in 20 buildings while the hospital is in full operation.

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