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Climate champions to be: health of the planet is a top priority for kids

The health of the planet is a top priority for kids who also want to be part of the solution to one of the biggest challenges they will continue to face in their lifetimes.

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These are the main findings of a study conducted by the American cable television channel Cartoon Network in 13 countries across EMEA (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, UAE, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK, South Africa, Romania, Turkey and the Czech Republic).

Ninety-one per cent of kids are concerned about climate change, citing worry, fear and sadness as their most common feelings. Romanian children lead the study, with 98 per cent of them worried about climate change-related challenges. The study also found that 78 per cent of kids polled want to learn more about climate change (96 per cent in Turkey). In addition, 83 per cent want to do more to help fight climate change, with 66 per cent proactively looking for opportunities to get involved. Romanian and Polish children are above the average with, respectively, 91 and 84 per cent of them looking for initiatives.

“The findings reinforce what we had already taken from conversations with our young fans: kids care immensely about the planet and are eager to get involved,” commented Vanessa Brookman, Head of Kids, WarnerMedia EMEA.

This fed directly into the creation and launch of Cartoon Network Climate Champions, a digital activity hub where kids can find cool tips on ways to help the planet, discover nature-related content and hear other kids’ thoughts on Climate Change.

“Although the campaign has only been live since 1 June, more than 300,000 challenges have already been completed, which is testament to kids’ desire to take action,” said Mrs Brookman. “We are pleased to empower our young audiences in this way and are impressed with how they are collectively making a difference.”

The channel’s hope is that the platform will show how 1,000s of small actions by kids in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, can add up to a big difference that will inspire others, help change behaviours and set a strong example for adults to follow.

And indeed, adults play a huge role in educating the little ones. Asked who inspires them most to want to help fight global warming, 60 per cent of kids mentioned “mum” as their biggest hero who can support them combating climate change. “Dad” and “teachers” were also referenced as climate change role models while 65 per cent of kids would like Cartoon Network to help them fight climate change.

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