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A hundred efficient solutions to reverse global warming

Not only one book, but a hundred efficient solutions to stop the climate catastrophe. The New York Times bestseller edited by Paul Hawken, Drawdown offers many ways to save our – yet one and only liveable – planet. The book categorised the recommendations into eight main sections: energy, food, women and girls, buildings and cities, land use, transport, materials and coming attractions, like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.

The unmissable must-read came to life with the hard work and thorough research of leading scientists, researchers, professionals and policymakers around the world and includes truly comprehensive guidelines and solutions: what humanity can and must do to make a change. The subject is scientific, yet enjoyable to read for everyone.

As writer David Roberts from Vox said, the public is hungry for this kind of practical wisdom.

The change is really lying in our hands: Drawdown explains how we can roll back global warming with an effective lowering of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the next 30 years. Many people think that they are just a mote in the mechanism, but every little step counts. Now finally we have the ultimate guide to what and how to do. As individuals, we can connect our household into a microgrid, deploy solar cells on our roof, reduce food waste, use a clean-burning or electric cooker and so on.

Countries across the world that are working on low emission development strategies also can learn a lot from the genius authors of this handbook. All the solutions listed has ratings related to the result it can bring until 2050: how effective a method is, how many gigatons of CO2 can be reduced with it, how much are the expenses and savings (in millions of US dollars) that can be reached with the application. The most urging solutions – that stand on the top of the list – are cooling (extracting refrigerants from the air), deploy onshore wind farms, reduce food waste, live on a plant-rich diet, save tropical forests and educate women.

If you read at least one book in 2021, let it be this one. Because living in a consumer society is a big deal but reaching the drawdown, where GHG emissions begin to decline and reverse global warming is an even bigger one.

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