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Ukrenergo completes construction of a new high-voltage line

Ukraine’s national power company Ukrenergo has completed the construction and put into operation a line with a voltage class of 330 kilovolts* in the western part of Ukraine. It became the first energy facility in the power system to be completed and put into operation by Ukrenergo during the war.

“During the war, we focused on two priorities in the Company’s operation: prompt restoration of electricity networks damaged by the enemy and completion of infrastructure development projects in the regions where we have the opportunity to implement them,” said Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Management Board at Ukrenergo.

Source: Ukrenergo.

He recalled that, as of today, they have restored 60 per cent of power facilities in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions.

“This line is an important element in improving the reliability of the power system in terms of synchronous work with ENTSO-E and the future expansion of export-import electricity supplies between Ukraine and Europe,” Mr Kudrytskyi added.

The new high-voltage line has already increased the reliability of the network and electricity supply to consumers in western Ukraine. In particular, it meets the needs of gradually growing electricity consumption in the region. This is due to the relocation of business from left-bank Ukraine to the western regions. Also, as of today, the new line together with the previously installed equipment significantly increases the reliability of food supply to consumers and industry throughout the Chernivtsi region.

The line is also important for balancing Ukraine’s power system. Thus, the new line increases the reliability of the Dnistrovska hydroelectric power station in pumping and generating modes with three hydraulic units in the normal scheme.

*The names of power lines are not specified due to restrictions on the publication of information during martial law in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

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