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Ukraine and Poland take steps to increase cross-border electricity trade

Ukrainian Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko and Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa signed a Memorandum of Understanding on energy security which set out to revive a key power line between the two countries before the end of this year.

They confirmed to support further integration of Ukraine into the European energy market, and the reform of Ukraine’s energy markets according to European principles as well as to accelerate the unification of the electricity and gas markets of both countries. Poland supports Ukraine’s intention to become a full member of ENTSO-E.

The two countries are committed to taking joint measures to develop cross-border trade in electricity. The MoU states the intention to restore the Rzeszów–Khmelnytskyi 400 kV-powerline between Ukraine and Poland as soon as possible with the goal of increasing the security of the Ukrainian electricity system and facilitating electricity exchange between Poland and Ukraine. The parties agreed to develop market rules for calculating and allocating capacity.

“The commissioning of the powerline between Ukraine and Poland will increase the stability of our connection with the energy systems of the ENTSO-E countries, and will promote further synchronization and integration of energy markets,” underlined the Ukrainian Energy Minister.

“The launch of this powerline will potentially allow Ukraine to increase electricity exports to Poland to 1 GW. In turn, this will help Poland lin replacing Russian gas and coal imports,” said Herman Galushchenko.

Poland’s Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa said that the plan is to restore the connection with Ukraine via the Rzeszów–Khmelnytskyi powerline by the end of 2022.

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