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TAURON to modernise hydro energy infrastructure in Poland

Poland’s energy holding company TAURON is modernising its hydroelectric power plants, in order to increase their capacity and adapt the facilities to current environmental and legal requirements. 

“The modernisation of the hydro energy infrastructure allows for more efficient use of resources and it increases the power of energy production from natural sources,” said Przemysław Mandelt, Vice President of the Management Board of TAURON Ekeonergia, TAURON’s division in charge of hydropower and wind farms. 

In Pilchowice, where there hasn’t been any modernisation almost since its construction in 1912, the first stage of the planned works has already been completed. The facility’s work has been fully automated and the installed capacity increased from 7.5 megawatts (MW) to 14 MW. By 2023, Turon plans a more comprehensive modernisation including, among others, turbine valves, bottom vent valves and the modernisation of the dam.

TAURON Ekoenergia is also preparing to upgrade the hydroelectric power plant in Złotniki, whose modernisation will be completed in 2022.

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