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TAURON priorities smart grids and renewables in Strategic Research Agenda

Smart distribution, sustainable heating and green energy are among the priority areas for the Polish power company, Tauron, according to its recently updated Strategic Research Agenda, which was first released in 2018.

The 2018 Strategic Research Agenda led to the implementation of key projects such as adopting blockchain technology in Tauron’s operations and launching a microgrid in Bytom (south-west Poland), the company said. 

The updated version of the Agenda is a ‘new opening’ in the use of green hydrogen, decarbonisation of heating, energy storage or the use of data from the smart grid, the company’s press release added.

“Recent years have been a period of the biggest changes in the history of the TAURON Group. The intensive development of RES [renewable energy sources], the separation of coal assets outside the Group, the need to reconstruct distribution networks, make us change in every area of ​​our activity,” said Paweł Szczeszek, President of the Tauron Group. 

“We hope that the new solutions will help us to face the most important challenges that the Group will face in the coming years – the instability of renewable energy sources or the decarbonisation of the heating sector. The new solutions will also make it possible to take advantage of business opportunities, for example, those related to the creation of a smart grid or the development of hydrogen technologies,” he added.

In terms of smart grids, the research direction will focus on: the use of storage systems, the development of automation and advanced grid diagnostics, an adaptation of the grid to renewables and the electromobility ecosystem.

The decarbonisation of the heating sector will be supported by the implementation of projects such as heat generation from RES and alternative fuels, the use of nuclear technologies, as well as the development of low-temperature heating networks, storage facilities and centralised heat pumps.

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