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South-Eastern TSOs a step closer to an energy-integrated Europe

Τhe Transmission System Operators of Greece (IPTO), Italy (TERNA), Romania (Transelectrica) and Bulgaria (ESO-EAD) announced the establishment of the Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Centre (SEleNe CC) in Thessaloniki, Greece.

“The establishment of SEleNe CC is a critical step towards the closer and more efficient cooperation of the TSOs of the EU member states in South-Eastern Europe in terms of security of supply and security of the electricity networks,” emphasised Ioannis Kampouris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SEleNe CC. “The expected coupling of the respective markets will be the next step in harmonising and integrating the region into the single European electricity market with significant benefits for consumers.”

Under the European regulatory framework, SEleNe CC’s main responsibilities regarding regional network security will include operational planning security analysis, outage planning coordination, coordinated capacity calculation, short- and very short-term adequacy forecasts and individual and common grid modelling and data set delivery.

“Improving energy security and cooperation at both organisational and technical level brings us one step closer to an energy-integrated Europe,” commented Catalin Nitu, CEO of Transelectrica. “This step is part of a normal and necessary evolution for regional energy security, in the light of the implementation of the common electricity market’s new model.”

Angelin Nikolaev Tsachev, Chairman and CEO of ESO-EAD underlined how this establishment comes in response to the challenges that TSOs are currently facing. Such a joint work in the will deepen the cooperation the TSOs towards the electricity market coupling in the region in the context of full liberalisation and integration of the Western Balkans.

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