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Slovenian and Serbian TSOs to establish the first regional power exchange, talks with Hungarian MAVIR ongoing

Slovenian and Serbian Transmission System Operators (TSOs) announced their commitment to establishing the first regional power exchange for Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The agreement on the new power exchange project was signed between the state-owned electricity transmission company of Slovenia Elektro-Slovenija ELES, Elektromreža Srbije AD (EMS) and inter-European power exchange EPEX SPOT.

According to the press statement of ELES, the newly founded Alpine-Adriatic Danube Power Exchange – ADEX – will offer harmonised one-stop-shop spot power trading services in Slovenia and Serbia with the ambition to extend business and services to other countries in the Central and South-Eastern European (CSEE) region. 

“We upgrade the trading culture in our region by providing the highest trading standards, advanced technical solutions, excellent exchange services, transparency, and innovation”, Aleksander Mervar, CEO of ELES System Operator and the President of ELES Group said.

EMS General Manager Jelena Matejić highlighted that the initiative “will boost regional electricity market development and provide an open-minded and sustainable role model for other CSEE countries to join this advanced business infrastructure”.

ADEX is also expected to deliver a new harmonised intraday market in Serbia and couple the key Serbian Day-ahead market with the pan-European Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC).

“ADEX will offer best-in-class trading and clearing solutions to the CESE community and help build the liquidity in these extraordinary times. We expect to accelerate the much-needed implementation of Market Coupling in this region to complete the European integration of spot markets”, Ralph Danielski, CEO of EPEX SPOT said.

In addition, ELES, EMS and EPEX SPOT are in advanced talks with MAVIR, the Hungarian TSO.

“We are working closely with our partners for HUPX, the Hungarian Power Exchange, to join ADEX shortly”, András Biczók, CEO of Mavir said. 

The initiative remains open for all additional partners who would be willing to join ADEX to drive forward the integration of spot power markets in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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