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Siemens Energy to connect Crete with mainland Greece facilitating the integration of RES

A consortium led by Siemens Gas and Power has been awarded a turnkey contract for two converter stations for the Greek high-voltage direct-current link that will connect Crete, Greece’s largest and most populous island, with the mainland.

The project will enable an exchange of electricity of up to 1,000 megawatts (MW) to enhance the reliability of the power supply and facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources in the power grid.

The two converter stations – one located in the Attica region near Athens and the other near Damasta in the north of Crete – will be linked by a 330-kilometre-long direct-current power cable.

Currently, Crete’s energy supply mainly relies on outdated fossil-fuelled power plants, that will be shut down by the end of 2022. The interconnector will facilitate the transmission of energy from renewable resources generated on the Greek mainland to the island. Furthermore, it will reduce carbon emissions by 500,000 tons in its first full year of operation. 

“The Attica-Crete interconnector is another example of the added-value that Siemens Energy can offer customers to advance the global energy transition,” said Beatrix Natter, CEO of the Transmission Division at Siemens Energy. “I’m very proud that our proven state-of-the-art HVDC technology will enable increased integration of renewable energy, reduce reliance on fossil fuel and enhance grid security.”

Siemens will cooperate in a consortium with one of the leading construction companies in Greece, TERNA, while the customer is Ariadne Interconnection, a wholly-owned entity of the Greek independent power transmission operator IPTO.

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