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Serbia’s Minister of Energy reassures citizens about electricity and gas supplies

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic reassured that Serbia has enough electricity and gas to supply citizens and that the State will do everything to ensure energy stability in the conditions of the energy crisis in the world.

“The most expensive is energy that is not available and our citizens will have enough electricity and gas at guaranteed prices,” she said.

Another important issue is the prices, especially of gas and this is now being negotiated in the process of concluding a new long-term contract. Power utility company EPS, as well as natural gas provider Srbijagas will talk about the prices for the industry with the companies individually.

“Those prices are not low at all and that must be taken into account,” announced Mrs Mihajlovic as a guest on RTS morning news.

She said that one must prepare for crises and that the current energy crisis, which was caused, among other things, by the accelerated growth after the pandemic and the great demand for energy, is neither the first nor the last.

“Gas prices did not happen as a shock, they started to rise in the spring and it is similar with electricity,” the Minister underlined. “Public companies need to be much more efficient and faster. Their obligation was to ensure energy stability, not to hide behind the president and ask him to negotiate with the President of another State in order to solve the problem.”

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