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Serbia: Elektromreža Srbije commissions new dual-system transmission line

Serbian power system operator, Elektromreža Srbije commissioned a new 110 kilovolts (kV) dual-system transmission line that connects the reconstructed substation in Ub to the transmission system.

The new transmission line is more than eight kilometres long, using 38 poles. This facility enables the supply of electricity to the municipality of Ub and its surrounding areas to be more stable and secure, which significantly contributes to the economic prosperity of this region.

“Today we are putting into operation a modern transmission line to be proud of and precisely such facilities are a prerequisite for reliable supply and economic security,” said the General Director of EMS, Jelena Matejić, after attending the commissioning event. “We build them responsibly, in the interest of the state, local community and citizens. We live in uncertain times, but where there is infrastructure, we welcome winter and all the challenges that the future brings with much more certainty. Such investments are necessary, multi-useful, designed and built in a way that brings only benefits and does not endanger either people or the environment.”

The total value of the complete investment is around 200 million Serbian dinars (approximately 1.7 million euros). 

The construction of the transmission system was “very demanding”, which was mainly due to challenges related to the existing infrastructure. For instance, one part of the route also crosses over the Miloš Veliki highway, thus it was necessary to harmonise them with the requirements of the roads of Serbia in order for the traffic to flow smoothly. 

The Director of EPS Distribution, Bojan Atlagić raised the importance of the substation that was reconstructed, emphasising that around 300 million Serbian dinars (approximately 2.5 million euros) were invested into the project. Mr Atlagić also pointed out that along with the better voltage conditions it offers, it is also important for the system due to the reduction of electricity losses in the area.

“This project is part of EMS’s investment momentum,” added Mrs Matejić. “I will remind you that since 2011, EMS has realised investments worth 380 million euros and that by the end of 2030, through ongoing investments, an additional realisation will be worth as much as 760 million euros.”

In April 2021, Elektromreza Srbije signed an agreement with Serbia’s Energy Ministry to secure a 12.8 million euros EU grant for the construction of the Obrenovac-Bajina Basta power transmission line, part of the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor.

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