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PSE launches second track of 400 kV Ostrów – Kromolice power line

Polish state-owned power system operator Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) announced on Monday (30 October) that it has opened a new track at the 400-kilowatt (kV) Ostrów (near Ostrów Wielkopolski) and Kromolice (near Poznań) line in western Poland.

The new track will double the line’s current transmission capacity, PSE said in a press release. The 112-kilometre 400 kV line connecting the Ostrów and Kromolice power stations was built several years ago. With future transmission capacity increase in mind, it was designed as a double-track line.

With the development of new generation sources and the increase in demand, the capabilities of the existing line were used and a second track was suspended on it, the operator said. The investment’s total cost was 59 million zlotys (13.2 million euros).

PSE is the sole operator of high-voltage transmission lines in Poland. Additionally, the company is responsible for balancing the power system and maintaining and developing network infrastructure, including cross-border connections.

The company manages 400 kV and 220 kV high-voltage lines with a total length of almost 16,000 km and 110 power stations. By 2036, the company plans to launch 5,525 km of new 400 kV lines, with over 700 km of direct current connections. As part of this, it plans to build 27 new stations and modernise 110.

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